We have them in 4 Flavors and they come in two different sizes.
Flavors: Blueberry Cheesecake Truffle, These truffles are purely decadent! They are bursting with that unmistakable Blueberry flavor, both from the blueberry jam and blueberry extract.
Butter Pecan Truffle, Butter Pecan Ganache in a milk chocolate shell.
Butterscotch Truffle, A delicious center of firm brown sugar, vanilla and heavy cream is covered in milk chocolate to create this signature piece.
Champagne Truffle, Hand-crafted in small batches, each truffle contains an exquisite whipped cream center made with Dom Perignon and enrobed in a dark chocolate ganache.
Cookies & Crème Truffle
4 ounce Bag = $8.95
8 ounce Bag = $15.95

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At Simply Delightful Confections, we only create the best and most decadent treats. When we think of truffles, we envision smooth gourmet chocolate so rich and exquisite, it literally melts in your mouth. We’re also quite fond of our quality of chocolate and pairing some of our favorite flavors with our signature top secret blend of chocolate seemed an obvious decision. These hand decorated truffles are made in our very own chocolate kitchen in Central Florida, and flavors include strawberry, Crème Brulee’, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Champagne, Cappuccino, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, Cookies and Crème, and Cherry (just to name a few).

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